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What Accounting and Serving You Means to Us

To us, accounting is more than numbers. 

The money you earn and the taxes you pay reflect the changes and experiences in your life, and in the success of your company. 

While Santini & Sedawie, CPA, divine these changes through bottom line results, we also see our clients as people with changing lives and businesses. A new dependent can mean the arrival of a new child or that you are caring for an elderly parent. More depreciation means equipment acquisitions and new business challenges. Our clients’ stories are as compelling and as interesting as the numbers they bring us. 

By entrusting us with their accounting, our clients are also telling us about the details of their lives. We honor this trust, and value the strength of our relationships. We maintain relationships with our clients – some since we opened our practice in 1985 – by providing quality tax and accounting services.

Santini & Sedawie clients are treated with an open and forthright attitude . . . serviced with professionalism and total dedication . . . and are looked in the eye and told what they need to know, not what they want to hear. 

We help you to understand the important nuances of accounting to assist you with tax planning or to more efficiently operate your business. We enable you to see the financial details, and to understand how they can affect your personal lifestyle and your overall business operations. 

Whether you are a single or married taxpayer, a small business or a medium-sized corporation, Santini & Sedawie delivers quality tax and accounting services with honesty, integrity . . . and attitude.There are certified public accounting firms, and there is Santini & Sedawie. You have a choice.

Our Services



The most important elements in obtaining reliable and accurate financial information are establishing good data entry habits coupled with a reliable and easy-to-use financial software. We help you set up your bookkeeping system and show you how to categorize your entries. From this system, we accurately prepare all journals, financial statements, complete all federal, state and local tax and payroll reports, and review internal controls.



When you are seeking a personal or business bank loan, are planning to go into business, or need to qualify for private or government jobs, Santini & Sedawie CPA, certified public accountant in Davie, can assist you by preparing budgets and forecasts. We understand what banks, businesses and governments need to evaluate your financial information, and provide meaningful and accurate projections, as well as accurate accounting or bookkeeping services

the first time.



Our firm provides professional and timely preparation of all federal, state and local tax returns for individuals, families, trusts, investment entities and corporations.



There is no better time to establish a solid accounting foundation than in the infancy of a business. It may simply be a twinkle in the founder’s eye, but early planning can help you anticipate and work through future problems and develop profitable solutions. We assist start-ups with federal and state filings, business plan development, set up book- keeping and records management systems, and other processes that help a new business take its first successful steps.



We know the tax laws. Whether we prepared your return, or the service was provided by another firm, we provide complete representation services for our clients before the I.R.S., as well as state and local tax authorities.



Understanding where you are today and where you want to be in the future is critical to your success. Whether you are a young married couple saving for education or an individual aiming for a secure retirement, we work with you, as well as refer you to other quality investment professionals and estate attorneys, to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize 

your earning potential.



Santini & Sedawie continuously monitors federal, state and local tax law changes to enable our clients to minimize their current and

future tax liabilities.



We provide expert witness testimony in federal and state courts, assisting attorneys with our financial expertise in family financial issues

and business disputes.



Often an overlooked business function, internal control is critical to your success. We assist you by analyzing transaction flows, invoice controls, purchase orders, accounts payable and receivable, check signing, job duties, credit and collection, and inventory control to evaluate whether safeguards are in place to ensure

proper business operations.

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